I am an evil, gold-digging astrologer. You should be, too.

Hello, beautiful people.

Today, it’s time for you to see my uglier side. But ultimately, it’s going to be for the sake of justice.

I see a common belief out there, especially in the spiritual communities, and people who want to serve others with their gifts as astrologers, psychics, artists, etc…and that belief is:

“I shouldn’t do it for the money.”

This just makes me laugh in a psycho way, honestly.

Darling, If all I cared about was the money, I would’ve studied for a lawyer (you could say I’d be good with that with my Libra stellium ;)) or I would’ve simply kept pushing pixels and f*cking around with web design because there SURE is a lot of money in those professions.

Instead, after 2 years of absolutely dismissing astrology as a career option, I finally decided to go for it. I paid for an expensive 8-semester program by the Moscow Academy of Astrology, I buy additional books every month, I read and draw charts for free, and I LIVE astrology…and after sharing with this person (Becky) that I need to actually start making some money with it, I hear: “But I’ve read we shouldn’t go to the astrology path for the money.”

I understand that everyone who is preaching this has their own struggles with money and most importantly — a “lack” mindset. But still, it’s pretty toxic to preach it as if it makes ANY SENSE.

So many people with spiritual gifts hear and believe that since this is a “spiritual” path, they shouldn’t care about the money. And even if they do care, they should only be concerned with making the bare minimum to “survive”.

“Uh, but you’re JUST trying to SURVIVE, for God’s sake!”

UH, thank you, Becky! Since I JUST want to have some bread, water, and a card box to live in, I shouldn’t feel ashamed of finally wanting some cash in exchange for the talent, money, and energy I’ve already spent learning astrology. I feel much better now that I have your blessing. 👼

Do you see where the issue is?

I hate that. I really do. This type of mentality is rooted in the belief that money is “evil” or “non-spiritual”. I don’t subscribe to that sh*t.

I am done with reading charts for free. Even if I ask for 10$ at the beginning, I want to see something in exchange for the time and energy I am giving away to provide you with guidance about yourself and your life. That’s no small feat, and it should be appreciated in a tangible way.

And to wrap this post up here is an interview for inspiration for any novice astrologers — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3imQmFc6cBI&t=459s

Anyways, that’s what the Solar Eclipse in Taurus made me think about, and once again, I can only thank Becky for setting my fighting spirit on fire, so I can face my own stupid feelings of unworthiness and never feeling good enough to actually ask for some $$$. Money is good, money is awesome. Claim prosperity for yourself, and live your best lives, folks.

Peace out!




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